The Blinding Heights Podcast

by Will Black

The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 31 Originally broadcast on September 19, 2014. Featuring Jules Larson plus.. Shawn Brady, Emma-Lee, Ghost Beach, Heaven & Earth, Liz Chidester, The Rockies, The Matinee, Red Moon Road, Orchard Hill, Empires, The Last Year, The High Dials & Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 30 Originally broadcast on June 6, 2013. Featuring Cherry Suede plus.. The Hush Sound, Malibu Knights, Ghost Beach, Weekend Riot Club, Joe Taylor, The Cherry Bluestorms, Yellowbirds, Heaven's Basement, Earth Prayer, Joshua Adams, Poor Young Things, Arthur Lee Land & Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 29 Originally broadcast on November 26, 2012. Featuring The Dirty Guv’nahs plus.. Shawn Brady, Honor By August, Kyle Spicer, Black Prairie, Rival Sons, The Foreign Resort, Eldorado, Gentlemen Hall, Here Come The Mummies, Jon Mullane, Clemency, Radical Face, Royal Canoe, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 28 Originally broadcast on September 10, 2012. Featuring Jesse Terry plus.. Jules Larson, Mieka Pauley, Navarone, The Northstar Session, Jon Bryant, The Followers, Haley Dreis, The Colurs, Talain Rayne, Dirty Names, Nick Gill, The Wallies, The Missing Chums, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 27 Originally broadcast on August 13, 2012. Featuring Gold Motel plus.. Vintage Trouble, Mark Loughman, T Riley, JAMESPARKER, Larry g(EE), Kirby Brown, The Roomsounds, Ashbury Keys, Stone Cold Fox, Dead Smiling Pirates, Chiwawa, Soulicit, Dana-Marie Battaglia, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 26 Originally broadcast on July 9, 2012. Featuring Dovetail plus.. Andrew Cole, Rachel Platten, Jules Larson, John McKenna, Get Back Loretta, The Malibu Knights, Angels Landing, The Dirty Guv'nahs, Ghost Beach, Amy Kuney, Glenn Aitken, Brent Byrd, The Cherry Bluestorms, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 25 Originally broadcast on May 15, 2012. BEST OF Featuring .. Josh Doyle, State Line Empire, Jesse Terry, Emma-Lee, The Trews, Deluka, Matrimony, Roxie77, Killed By Design, The Black Sharks, The Hot Toddies, Rachel Platten, Danielle Barbe, Stars Go Dim, Andrew Cole, Chris Caddell, Yellowbirds, Gold Motel, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 24 Originally broadcast on April 9, 2012. Featuring Emma-Lee plus .. Bronze Radio Return, Dilana, Lovehammers, Civil Sound, Amy Kuney, Pier 53, Chris Hawkes, Songs Of Water, Joel Streeter, The Reel, Eclectic Approach, Mieka Pauley, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 23 Originally broadcast on March 5, 2012. Featuring Josh Doyle plus .. William Fitzsimmons, Adam Craig Band, Lee Coulter, Mudmen, The Hot Toddies, Aubrey Wood, Austin Renfroe, Christina Bell, Chris Weaver Band, Joe Taylor, Marie Hines, Ed Hale, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 22 Originally broadcast on Monday, February 6, 2012 Featuring Jules Larson plus .. Josh Doyle, Green River Ordinance, To The Sea, Lovehammers, Earth Prayer, Davina & Ross, Stars Go Dim, See For Days, Darlingside, Ghost Beach, Dala, Tyler James, David DiMuzio, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 21 Originally broadcast on Monday, January 9, 2012 Featuring Heather Nova plus .. Jules Larson, Green River Ordinance, Graham Colton, Fairchild, The High Dials, The Will Callers, Poor Young Things, McCree, Those Mockingbirds, Yellowbirds, The Nearly Deads, The NowhereNauts, The Well Reds, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 20 Originally broadcast Monday, December 5, 2011. Featuring Katie Herzig plus .. Jon Mclaughlin, Gaby Moreno, Jack Savoretti, The Revivalists, Steve Moakler, Emma-Lee, Frame & Canvas, The Hawk In Paris, Matthew Mayfield, August Rising, The Dirty Guv’nahs, David Mead, Caddle, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 19 Originally broadcast on Monday November 7, 2011 Featuring The Trews plus.. Enation, Honor By August, The Worsties, Josh Doyle, Matrimony, Endoxi, Warner Drive, Mad June, Jak Locke, Shawn Brady, The Color Gray, Kim Grambo, EarlyRise, The All-Girl Boys Choir, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 18 Originally broadcast on Monday October 10, 2011. Featuring Andrew Cole plus.. Dilana, The Trews, Megan Keely, The Ivorys, Ocelot Robot, Steve Hott, Those Mockingbirds, Sugarwall, Tyler James and The Exchange, Tim Halperin, The Bastard Suns, The Dandelion War, Dovetail, Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 17 Originally broadcast Sunday, May 15, 2011 Featuring Rachel Platten and.. Enation, Josh Doyle, Bright Light Parade, The Break Mission, Jesse Terry, The Lights Out, Kingsfall and Will Black
The Blinding Heights Podcast 16 Originally broadcast Sunday, Apr. 24, 2011 Featuring The Kicks and.. The Black Sharks, Parade Of Lights, Spriewald, Darlingside, Clockwise, The High Dials, Anthony Gomes and Will Black
The Blinding Heights Podcast 15 Originally broadcast Sunday, Apr. 10, 2011 Featuring State Line Empire and.. John Oszajca, Toy Horses, Distant Lights, Stonehoney, Reality Addiction, Waiting For Brantley, Johnny Panic & Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 14 Originally broadcast Sunday, Mar. 6, 2011 Featuring Chas Sandford and.. Lily Holbrook, Jesse Terry, Scour, Fallen Riviera, Jill Stevenson, ForthAngel, Keith Hinton & Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 13 Originally broadcast Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011 Featuring Tony Harnell and.. Danielle Barbe, Kyle Spicer, Family Of The Year, For The Love Of Sloane, The Mars Patrol, Chasing Eden & Joel Guenther.. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 12 Originally broadcast Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011 Featuring Dilana and.. Niki Barr, Whole Hog, The Jefferson, Kristy Kay, The Kicks, Juliana Down & Kim Grambo.. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 11 Originally broadcast on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011 Featuring John Oszajca and.. The Worsties, My Future Lies, Honor By August, Stereolover, Katie Kerkhover, Factory & David Martinez.. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 10 Originally released Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011 Featuring The Deadlies and.. Mark Kano, Killed By Design, Endoxi, A Road Less Traveled, McCree, Echoes The Fall & Bronze Radio Return.. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 9 Originally aired Sunday Dec. 19, 2010 Featuring Nick Sterling and.. Thomas Nicholas Band, Sons Of Bill, Starlume, Gold Motel, Family Of The Year, Gentlemen Hall & Pullman Standard.. Plus a song from Will Black
The Blinding Heights Podcast 8 Originally released Dec 5, 2010 Featuring The Hot Toddies and.. Very Unique Existence, Railroad Earth, Gills And Wings, Stars Go Dim, Rowse, The Lost Colors and Ex Norwegian.. Plus a new song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 7 Original released Sunday, Nov. 28 Featuring Mudmen and.. The Ruse, The B Film Extras, The Beautifully Broken, Bronze Radio Return, Heidi Vincent, The Scarlett Fever and Face The Sun.. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 6 Original released Sunday, Nov. 14 Featuring Ryan Roxie and.. Cherry Suede, Dead Sara, Manic Bloom, Brendan Benson, Stars Go Dim, The Gallery & Thomas Nicholas Band. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 5 Originally released Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010 Featuring Schiavone McGee and.. Sebastian Bach, Stand, Hand Over Fist, Flashbulb Fires, Christy Jefferson, Jeremy Current & Frankie Whyte And The Dead Idols.. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 4 Originally released Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010 Featuring Chris Caddell and.. Killed By Design, Deluka, Gentlemen Hall, All I Know, Shelli Harsha, Straight Razor Angels & The Fling.. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 3 Originally released Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010 Featuring Red Wanting Blue and.. Bojibian, Glass Delirium, FireRoom, Mudmen, Dovetail, Murder City Sparrows & Jen Mize.. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 2 Originally released Sunday October 17, 2010 Featuring Andrew Cole and.. We The Living, Hands & Teeth, Magdalene, Noctura, Matrimony, renwick & The Walking Sleep.. Plus a song from Will Black.
The Blinding Heights Podcast 1 Originally released Sunday October 10, 2010 Featuring Honor By August and.. The Scarlett Fever, The Juliets, Chris Caddell and The Wreckage, Killed By Design, Tim Halperin, The BellBoys, Navarone.. & Will Black.


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released October 10, 2010

Produced & hosted by Will Black.




Will Black Tallinn, Estonia

Canadian musician Will Black wants to be your rock 'n roll superhero!

3 original albums available to stream / download (signed CDs too) here on Bandcamp for you to sink yer teeth into and sets yer ears aflame. ;)

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